Temperature control unit

This past month, some wonderful friends of my husband and I had invited us over for dinner and a few drinks as all of us all get together a couple weekends every month and play games or watch movies, tv shows and sports! This has been a long term recurring tradition for the bunch of us, and my husband and I always have a fun time with them! During the Winter weeks, it can get pretty cold where both of us live, so planning things to do inside is the main focus for us. Everyone of us lives in an older part of our town, so the houses have an antique particularity to them.  Given the age of our houses, our friends had to have their gas furnace replaced earlier this year before winter fully set in. Their trusty gas furnace had been pretty reliable, but earlier in the year when they had their HVAC technician out to do a routine service call, the thing just wouldn’t light. It didn’t matter what they did, they couldn’t get it to fire up. The pilot light managed to stay lit, but they couldn’t get gas to flow to the burners, so our friends decided it was time to get a up-to-date gas furnace. It’s a wonderful thing that they were proactive in having it installed right away, because the week after they replaced it, the town got an unexpected cold front that brought the temperatures down into the thirties during the afternoon, and almost 20 degrees at night. It was clear that winter was here early this year, and thankfully our friends will be able to keep sizzling and cozy through the winter with their new furnace.

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