That does feel great

Every friday night my wife and I go to the same restaurant for our dinner. Date night is something that both of us always look forward to, and we love eating out at restaurants. We have been doing this routine for nearly five years, and we both really love it. The main reason we enjoy this routine so much is that it always gives us something to look forward to. This restaurant is very upscale and fancy. You can’t just walk in off the streets in shorts and a tee and expect to be seated. Everything in there is top class. The air conditioning unit in there is out of this world. It’s super powerful that you constantly feel a breeze running throughout the building during the entire time you are eating. It’s not just its power however, it’s the way it affects the air. The air inside of the restaurant just seems so much cooler and cleaner than any other places. I’m not sure if they have a state of the art air purification system attached to the a/c unit, but I would not be surprised at all if that was the case. For my upcoming birthday, I asked my wife to purchase us a new heating and cooling unit for our house. Our old heating and cooling unit is on its last legs and only works at half the efficiency and power that it used to. I really hope that she talks to the manager here to see what system they have. I would be happy with a new a/c system, but I would be shocked with the a/c system that this restaurant has.

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