That was an expensive month

I am not a luxurious person; by that I mean I don’t have a lot of indulgences! I rarely go out to eat, usually making meals at apartment to save cash. When I do go out, I will usually go anywhere cheap–usually drive through. I have never once purchased a car fresh off the lot, only ones that are pre-owned. Anywhere I can cut back save a few bucks, I always do, but this is partially because of how I was raised. However also to set some cash aside everyday to save up for a condo of my own… Yet the one thing I don’t cut costs on is my AC unit. Keeping our apartment well air conditioned at all times is the one indulgence I do allow myself. The cooling air is a welcome respite after particularly working outdoors all afternoon long, plus provides a needed bit of rest for me. I would really enjoy to have lower energy bills. Then when I do get a condo of my own I will make sure it has the most energy efficient heating and AC plan available, but for now, buying a current central air conditioning unit would take all of my savings, so I am content to use the one I have. I did the math: it turns out no matter how much I break down on our AC usage, I would still only save twenty or thirty bucks a week. I guess it is worth it to spend that little bit of extra cash in order to keep myself crisp, cool, plus air conditioned all season long.