That was quite difficult

I am not exactly young anymore. When I was younger, everything was done manually or by hand. The technology that our kids have nowadays just didn’t exist. Now everything is so “smart” and technologically advanced. I was never into this “smartness” until I was forced to by my kids. I live by myself in a small house. I love my home and all of the appliances I have, but my kids keep wanting to replace everything that I have. I don’t like to get new things unless the old thing breaks, so I have never really listened to their suggestions. The other week though, I didn’t really have a choice when my HVAC system broke down completely. I called up my kids and asked if they would check into getting me a new heating and air conditioning device. After looking it over, my kids agreed that it was in full need of replacing. I let my kids take care of it since they seemed to know what they were doing. What I didn’t know was that my kids were making the heating and cooling system in my house “smart”. They had a smart thermostat system installed in the house. At first, I thought this was a waste of my kids’ money. I changed my mind quickly when I was shown all the possibilities of the system. I can change the temperature of the house with the touch of a button in an app on my phone. That way I don’t have to get out of bed if I want to change the temperature settings at night. This really helps me because it’s starting to get harder for me to get out of bed. I really am grateful that my kids took such good care of my HVAC system.

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