The air conditioning service took us a while

This could be a fairly embarrassing topic.  But, I don’t embarrass all that easy so, on with the show.  I have been married for a little over fifteen years now. It is a charming partnership between 2 people who adore as well as respect one another.  The great fortune of finding your other half is not lost on us at all. The 2 of us also attempt to keep energy as well as excitement in our marriage.  My husband’s latest idea is no TV in the least when both of us come back to our dwelling from work. Only talking, music as well as soaking up the cooling effects of our Heating as well as A/C appliance.  I have entirely taken to it honestly. It’s truly nice to sit with a glass of wine as well as converse with such an interesting man every single night. He has added the element of candles to the atmosphere as well.  And, they are everywhere pretty much. The effect is entirely cool as well as worth the numerous minutes it takes to get them all lit. The other evening, as I was standing as well as talking, I noticed I wasn’t enjoying so much of the coolness from the Heating as well as A/C appliance.  I went over to the temperature control component to check the temperature. We typically drop the air conditioning appliance down a few degrees when both of us arrive in the evening. But, on this particular night, the Heating as well as A/C appliance was struggling to reach the cooler temperature.  I went outside to be sure the condenser wasn’t frozen over. But, it was absolutely fine. I then walked the dwelling checking all the vents as well as returns for obstruction. Nothing there either. Finally, I pulled the air filter. I couldn’t even believe what I was looking at. The air filter was saturated with a sooty, waxy combination.  It was all those candles we were using every night! So, if you are romancing by candlelight, be sure to change the air filter on a regular basis.

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