The best in automated systems

It doesn’t matter what it is, it seems that there isn’t some kind of app or program that can help it to work better or without assistance.  The new cars have automatic braking if you get too close to something. They have back up alarms. They also have cars that can parallel park themselves.  These are independent features that don’t need the driver to perform. Some trucks have been tested that will drive you from point A to point B and the driver is there only to switch loads.  These are amazing accomplishments, but what happens when these system fail to work. The computer programs are only as good as the man who creates them and puts in the information. Computer are now vital when it comes to keeping the operation of the sewage or water system functioning in a community.  The safety of the water we drink is at risk if the automated system fails. This is why we need highly-trained and qualified technical mechanics. There are many technical schools that offer courses for those interested in the maintenance of computer automated systems. This takes a couple of years to learn and it is a valued career for one who wants to undertake it.  The pay is amazing, but unless there is a problem, such as a power outage, the job is a piece of cake. A power outage can cause a lot of problems and that is why there are generators hooked into the automated system. If the power goes out, the generator turns on keeps the minimal amount of systems going to ensure that buildings and homes are still functional and the health and safety of all, are not compromised.

DDC controls