The fall weather and our heater

My attractive fiance, Seth, plus I were just married last Fall. Seth worked taxing to save plus have enough currency for us to build our dream home before we got married, unfortunately, Seth was in an accident about more than six weeks before the wedding plus was unemployed for almost more than four weeks. Of course, this set him back a bit financially, but we decided to just go ahead plus get married plus finish the home after the wedding. All of us purchased a small camper to stay in while we were finishing the house. It’s entirely been an interesting experience for both of us. All of us planned on being in the home by the time the first snow hit, but snow came entirely early this year, plus the home wasn’t quite ready to be lived in. Thankfully, the camper came with a oil furnace. All was fine plus dandy for the first week. After a month of using the oil furnace, we woke up 1 morning to a cold dining room. I mean it was so cold that my water bottle on my daystand was frozen solid. The oil furnace had quit sometime during the night. To our horror, the pipes were all frozen. My fiance was so worried thinking that we would have to upgrade all of the piping in the whole camper. Thankfully, although the pipes did freeze, there was only 1 pipe that certainly cracked plus had to be upgraded. All of us had an Heating and A/C contractor take a look at our oil furnace. He said it would be best for us just to find another used oil furnace, so that’s exactly what we did. All of us got a great deal on a used oil furnace, plus we have not had any heating problems since.

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