The greenhouse gases need to be vented

Our son got a job at a local Nursery over the summer and we were happy that he was able to earn a bit of money for school. For the most part his responsibilities were fairly easy such as watering the plants and rearranging inventory when needed. About three weeks into the job he started experiencing some pretty bad headaches on days where he had to work inside most of the day.  I even thought about shortening the hours he was available because he realized that something at work was making him sick. We reminded him that he wouldn’t be able to work during the school year and any money that he was able to burn would help him pay for extras during that time. I told him that it was probably just the heat of the day that was making him get headaches and he would just have to drink more water. I never really gave it a second thought until he came home to tell me that the nursery was going to be closed for several days while they installed a new ventilation system at the top of the greenhouse. He went on to say that the air quality in the greenhouse have been tested and they realize that the greenhouse gases that were built up were not healthy for people who spent a prolonged period of time there. I had always thought that having plants around made you healthier but I guess if they are in two closed in of an area it can cause problems as well. The HVAC company that was handling the installation worked very quickly and it only took a couple of days. Now her son can work there for several hours and come home feeling just fine and he says that the plants are much healthier too.

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