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Do you know what it means to be dynamic? We often speak of people and things being dynamic, but until recently I never really knew that dynamic means ever-changing. Languages are dynamic because people start using words in different ways all the time. JObs are dynamic when you have something new to do every day. The most dynamic thing in society nowadays, I think, is technology. Technological advances happen all day every day, even in places where we don’t even realize it is happening. One such example is HVAC technology. Did you know that those big freezers and refrigerated sections in grocery stores actually fall under the auspices of HVAC? YOU may not have realized that, and nowadays, it is incredible the HVAC technology involved in those units, which are commonly referred to as coolers. Think about it; your local grocery store needs their frozen and cold food storage to work without a hitch. That means they also need good HVAC service companies. They also need dynamic HVAC technology. HVAC technology that responds to the needs of commercial customers is paramount to operating today’s modern grocery stores. HVAC technology is also occurring in residential HVAC systems. Smart thermostat are very common now, and they help save energy and money. HVAC with zone control is also becoming very common and many new houses come with it automatically. My brother has a smart home with all sorts of technology, including improved HVAC technology. Yep, technology is constantly evolving and is the epitome of dynamic.

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