The HVAC repair we needed

I don’t know what is worse because I really have a hard time with both alternatives. Whether the HVAC repairman is on time or late, either way I feel cheated. If the heating and cooling guy is on time, I usually think about how I might just get done early and then feel the need to go into work for a few hours… Seeing as I purposely took the day off to wait for said HVAC guy, I like it to be a real ‘day off’ as much as possible. I like to catch up on my reading, order a pizza, and binge watch TV that no one else likes to watch with me. Yes, those aren’t bad days. I don’t want to interrupt my schedule to go into work, but usually I guilt myself into it anyway. On the other hand, if the heating and cooling repairman is later than expected, I generally am waiting to hear from him or for him to show up. Obviously if I’m obsessing over when he’s going to arrive I’m not relaxing and doing my ‘day off’ dance. By the time the HVAC company does come around, I’ve gotten so irritated from waiting that only a couple glasses of wine and a slice of pie will bring me back into my ‘day off’ mode. It’s so hard to be me… My life is so hard. I say that jokingly. In the back of my mind, as I’m sitting on the couch in my pajamas, I feel bad that the HVAC repairman is working hard downstairs on the heating and cooling system. Keeping that in mind generally prevents me from being openly irritated with the heating, ventilation, and A/C repair person for being late or on time, whichever the situation may be, and just be grateful that I have a day off to enjoy in the first place.

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