The necessary changes

Most people only worry about exterior air pollution.  Contaminants inside your own apartment present a much larger threat, yet go overlooked by the majority of tenants.  On average, we spend the majority of our time indoors, plus about 65% of our lives inside our own apartments. Neglecting the indoor air quality increases the odds of health problems, property damage plus energy waste.  Unfortunately, there are threats to indoor air quality in every room of your apartment. Cleaning products, pesticides, cigarette smoke, pet dander, exhaust fumes plus mold growth are just a few of the most common problems.  Since the cost of heating and cooling is rather luxurious, keeping a tightly sealed apartment is a priority. However, this traps the same, stale air indoors, leading to problems. Inadequate ventilation is a contributing factor to terrible indoor air pollen levels.  Headache, fatigue, coughing, respiratory infections plus nausea are consequences of air quality problems. Airborne particulate plus bacterial growth tends to aggravate symptoms of pollen irritations or asthma. One of the most effective ways to abruptly improve the health of the apartment is to change the air filter in heating and cooling equipment.  If you run the gas furnace or cooling system frequently, it’s necessary to update the furnace filter more often. Most air filters remain efficient for a little more than two months, but it’s a nice method to inspect the condition of the air filter every month. Keeping up with air filter changes not only protects the health plus cleanliness of the apartment, but helps to minimize wear and tear on heating and A/C equipment.  The heating and A/C method will succumb to fewer repairs, last longer, plus cost less to operate.

indoor air quality