The unit doesn’t sound good

I entirely wish that my German Shepherds could realize just how spoiled they entirely are–I do everything for them! Whenever they need new toys, I’m getting them new toys. Then whenever they want to go out for a walk, I will ditch whatever I am doing at the moment and take them outside for a nice stroll around the village. Yet the thing that might have been over the top was the new hang out area I built them. This cool new outdoor area comes equipped with brand new doggie beds, a sizable dog kennel and a state of the art ductless mini split air conditioner unit built inside. This thing was not cheap at all, however most people would like to have an air conditioner unit of this quality installed in their master bedroom, let alone a doggie room. My German Shepherds like to spend the majority of the day outside, yet they are babies about the heat. They both have actually thick coats of fur, so having that air conditioner outside for them to cool off with when they need it is a sizable perk for them. I could pretend that it’s such a pain spoiling these dogs all the time, but the truth is I like to. My mother said that I need to buy a new heating and cooling component for my car since it has been broken for close to more than five weeks, but why would I do that when I could use that currency to spoil my little dogs even more?

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