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Anything you get for free is bound to be a disaster. I had been saving my cash for a cooling plan in my home. A friend of mine was getting rid of a bunch of window cooling systems. He offered the A/C systems to me for free. He did not want to mess with getting rid of them, and I needed the AC. It made perfect sense. I should have considered that free air conditioner that was going to be thrown out would not be the best quality. Now that I have a bunch of window cooling systems set up, I am not happy with them. I want to get central air conditioner still. I idea to continue saving up and then upgrade the cooling situation. For now, I just keep telling myself to be thankful that I have any AC. The window cooling systems are stained and rusted. They look terrible in my home. Also, the cooling component really have something wrong with them. Maybe it is the refrigerant or they are on their last legs. Either way, the cooling units all make a horrible grinding sound when on. It is actually strenuous to sleep with numerous noisy A/C units running. It is super loud house all day long since I can’t stop running the A/C units. It is that tepid outside. So while I prefer having temperature control for once, I don’t like the cooling systems that are giving it to me. I have literally thought about throwing them out and buying new portable A/C units. But, that would take out of the central A/C fund.

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