This summer was fun

My office uses Heating & A/C zone control & this should work. The plan of zone control is heating & cooling is separate for certains areas of the building. Meaning an section can have heavy AC while another uses the heater. Neither Heating & A/C unit effects the other one. It was smart of the office to set up ductless Heating & A/C & have zone control ability. The office is setup to have zone control too. All of us have our own separate offices in groups of four, but each group of more than three has their own room, Heating & A/C unit & thermostat, deciding heating & cooling with multiple other people sounds better than a whole building. Most of the office workers are pumped up about our current Heating & A/C equipment. My cubicle team is not as happy. The reason is that the more than three of us can’t settle on a temperature. Harry & Margie basically want AC all year around. The more than one of them hope for heavy cooling in Summer, & can’t sit any heating in the Winter. Lyle must have decreased blood flow or something. He is the opposite. He wants the heating on to around 76 degrees in the Winter. In the Summer, he wants the thermostat at 71 degrees. Harry & Margie just about brawl over that thermostat setting, and what I want is light cooling & light heating. I don’t genuinely want the Heating & A/C in the office to be that unusual from outside. Our team just can’t seem to get it together on a climate control program though. All of us might need to separate & find other people care about us.

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