This was a lot of fun

The local hardware store in our neighborhood is having its annual fall sale this week, so my partner and I went down there to look at things for our little getaway house out at the lake. They typically have some pretty enjoyable deals during this sale, and it’s a enjoyable time for them to have a closeout on their warm season stuff. I ended up saving more than a hundred dollars on an open-package chainsaw. After some of the storms this year I was sure I would need it out at the lake to clear dead trees. One of the things the people I was with and I were able to get for the house was a couple of window mounted air conditioner units. Every one of us occasionally spend a week or so in the warm season at the cabin, so be able to cool it off is a blessing. These little units are actually simple to install and are actually efficient. All you have to do is set it in an open window, install the side baffles as necessary, close the window on top and plug it in. There is no routing of ducting or vents, and if you want to use it somewhere else later, it is just as simple to remove and install elsewhere. As an added bonus, they also have furnaces built in to them, so the people I was with and I should be able to use them all year long and keep the lake house nice and comfortable. Every one of us ended up getting a good deal on these more than one window units, and I can’t wait to get them out there and set up.

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