Turning the garage into a workout room

I am overweight. I have been overweight most of my life; I can’t really remember a time when I did not need to lose weight. When I was a teenager, it was just a few pounds here and there, but after I got married the pounds just piled on. I have tried lots of diets but was not really all that serious until I started getting older because now everything hurts and the chronic conditions are setting in. So, I am turning my garage into a workout room. I have been using it, but I really need air conditioning! I did not even think about connecting the garage to the central air conditioning at first, but I have discovered I will not work out without a/c! I think up any excuse, but the real reason is that I need HVAC! I have great workout equipment and the room looks stylish and upbeat but without a/c to help me be comfortable while I skip rope and lift weights, I am just to hot! I called in an HVAC service guy to help me decide what I should do, and he offered me two options. The first option is to add ductwork to the garage and connect to the central air conditioning that I have for the rest of the house. The second option is to get some sort of ductless air conditioning. I could get a window a/c unit, which would be so cheap, but you know kind of old fashioned and ugly. I could get a portable air conditioner, but it would take up floor space. Or, I could get a ductless mini split air conditioner.