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I love traveling. It is my favorite pastime. I spend every summertime traveling to a variety of countries, thus exploring the world. I studied abroad while in university and had the best time. It was my favorite locale to travel to! The only thing that I struggled with is the fact that their homes don’t have central heating units! Their homes also are not insulated. For multiple months out of the year, this is not an issue. They experience truly unruly temperatures during their Spring and summer months. They experience such extreme summers that every cabin has central cooling throughout every room, but without that, it would be challenging to live. They keep their cooling units inspected in order to ensure their comfort while in these tepid nights, even their Fall season is warm. The priority is combating the difficult heat! However, even though their winters are mild, their lack of heating plus lack of insulation make the Wintertime nights unbearable. I did not expect this the first time I visited this country! During the afternoon, the Wintertime season is truly comfortable. I could walk outdoors in a thin t-shirt plus be just fine. However, I spent every night shivering. I put blankets both underneath plus over me when I was sleeping. I also wore the thickest clothes I owned every night. I have gone back to this country more than one more times since I studied abroad. I received my schooling and brought fleece footie pajamas while in those next more than one trips. It was much more bearable, however, as space furnaces became my best friend! I became truly thankful for the efficient heating idea at my home.

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