We can’t allow for air leaks

I know that most people have heard of radiant radiant floors many times by now.  Though the alternative heating option hasn’t exactly become a mainstream home fixture, there have been plenty of efforts to advertise this efficient heating option for a few years now. I’ve heard all about the benefits of having toasty warmth beneath your feet from the moment you wake up in the morning.. There is no end to the fancy places radiant floors can benefit your life – whether you’re installing them right beneath your bed for a nice surprise in the morning, in your master bathroom for after your shower, or even in your driveway to melt away snow every afternoon. In fact, with all these assorted options plus uses throughout the house, the one thing I hadn’t ever heard of is radiant heated walls.

               I’m fairly sure that such a heating option doesn’t exist whatsoever. However, we almost had our own DIY radiant heated walls in our lake home just last week… You see, the attic in this home has been neglected for some time now, but as such, the old insulation upstairs was wearing thin plus breaking down over time, unbeknownst to us. Apparently a family of raccoons knew all about the condition of our insulation, so they took their chance to rearrange the heat trapping microfibers!

              When they did so, it created big open pockets of section leading in between our walls which were rapidly filled with hot air from the hot sunlight overhead. Thanks to the never ending Summer sun, we had hot pockets in between our drywall pumping radiant heat into every room of the house. Talk about luxury.

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