We cleaned the whole system

When we were first married, all I had to do was smile and bat my eyelashes at my husband and he would give me anything I wanted.  My mother told him he was spoiling me, but he told her that he loved me too much to say no. We have now been together for twenty years and he has no problem telling me no.  I wonder if he loves me less, or if he has just decided that my mother was right. I really didn’t think that it was too much to ask to have radiant heated flooring put into our home.  I really was trying to figure out a way to get rid of the dog smell. I talked to someone and they told me that we may have to rip out the flooring and put in new. Now doesn’t sound like the opportune time to install radiant flooring.  I know that we had spent a lot of money on the house. We had to put in new windows, and he even installed a new bathroom and an office for me. My office isn’t all that warm in the winter. With radiant heated flooring, it would comfy, cozy all winter long. He just shook his head when I told him this.  He said that we couldn’t afford to rip up the flooring and put in radiant heat. We had a furnace that was less than ten years old, and the two weren’t compatible. I have to admit that he did buy me a ductless mini split HVAC unit for my office, as a birthday present. I guess I shouldn’t be complaining.