We had a great day in the house

Living in the Northeast, the winters can be absolutely cold.  The coldest time constantly seems to be in late January or December.  The heating plan on our condo was over 20 years old. It was enjoy waiting for something bad to happen.  And on the coldest afternoon of January our oil furnace stopped absolutely working. The people I was with and I woke up to a chill in the condo in addition to I figured out wife has just turned it down for the night which she occasionally did.  But when I turned up the control device in addition to waited for the common sound of forced air through the vents, nothing happened. I went to the basement in our bathrobe to take a look. I did not have any experience with Heating & A/C systems so it was a waste of time for me to look at the frosty oil furnace.  The people I was with and I had used a local oil furnace in addition to AC company several times to have the device cleaned in addition to ran tests on. Their sticker was on the oil furnace device in addition to I provided them a call while I was still in the basement in our bathrobe. They said they had had a number of calls that afternoon but could be to our locale in about 4 hours.  That sounded nice but I knew it would be a frosty 4 hours. My wife decided to make a batch of cookies to sizzling up the kitchen. Not only did the condo smell relaxing from the cookies but it helped sizzling up the room where both of us sat drinking Dunkin Donuts Latte wearing several layers of clothing. The Heating & A/C maintenance company came out just as promised in addition to with only a few checks of our plan they determined that both of us needed a new thermocouple on our oil furnace.  He had one on the truck in addition to within an hour it was installed in addition to both of us could suppose the welcome heat coming from our vents. The people I was with and I had feared that both of us might need a whole new oil furnace but thankfully a small maintenance in addition to repair call were all that both of us needed.