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When I have a Saturday off to myself with no obligations 1 of our preferred things I like to do is go to the theater plus see a movie. I do this because I don’t care much for being outdoors when it’s sizzling out, plus a movie is a good way to avoid the high hot plus cold temperatures. When I go, I always choose a seat that is directly beneath an air vent. This is a good way for myself and others to relax because it allows myself and others to think the cool air from the A/C blowing on myself and others while I’m enjoying our movie. Last week was especially nice because I was able to love the movie without anyone else being in the theater! With the A/C running at full speed, I kicked back in our preferred chair plus even spread out, taking up the seat next to myself and others as well. It was a glorious. I felt enjoy royalty. The movie was fantastic, plus the best section of it all was that I was able to spend our afternoon in an fantastic way without having to battle the heat outside. Air conditioned activities are essential on summer time afternoons. If not for them, I’d honestly never leave our apartment while I was in the sizzling weeks! I’m just not chop out for the good outdoors, so movie afternoons plus other activities are nice for myself and others plus our preferences. In fact, if I could just avoid the heat altogether I would. I’d spend all of our free time at the theaters if it wouldn’t cost myself and others so much money!

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