We need some attention

Anyone who lives or has lived in the north knows the drill on snow and ice.  Hours upon hours of your days are devoted to mitigating the extent to which snow and ice affect our lives.  There are bags and bags of ice melt to buy. Not to mention all the snow blowers, plows, shovels and rubber boots that are bought.  Yet, my roommates and I tend to forget about the other extravagant components around our beach house which can be harmed by snow and ice buildup.  Many of us use a oil furnace for our heating needs to stay comfortable and safe during winter. That AC equipment outside next to the beach house needs some attention.  The best thing to do is to simply cover the unit. Go online, there are tons of covers which will minimize corrosion and rust from snow and ice build up. Believe it or not, those gorgeous daggers of ice hanging off the roof can be frightening for Heating, Ventilation, and A/C components.  They can mangle a condenser when they fall from a height only to hit the air conditioner. But, I guess the most severe thing is keeping all vents clear and unblocked. The oil furnace fire needs oxygen to breathe or it will quit. And the exhaust needs to flow unblocked to minimize any chance of pushing CO2 back into the plan or worse, the house.  Most oil heating systems have a safety switch that would shut it down. But still, just no good. So, while you’re thinking about the driveway and the sidewalk, take a walk around the beach house too. Snow and ice are charming, just don’t let them be harmful.