We noticed freezing rain

Sometimes, I will sit at my desk and stare out the window.  It is sad to see the leaves falling from the trees, and yet it is beautiful.  I used to tell my mom that all of the beautiful colors of the leaves just showed me that even in death there is beauty.  Unfortunately, the colors end too soon and winter comes in. Where I live, winter can be harsh. You never know if it is going to be mild, with seasonably comfortable temperatures, or if it is going to be long lengths of below zero and feet of snow.  Last year, we had very little snow, but quite a bit of freezing rain. The days stayed around forty degrees, which means you still need the furnace, but there wasn’t big demand on it. It is during those winters that my husband and I thought about getting a heat pump.  The problem with a heat pump is that if the temps go below freezing and stay there, we still need to have a backup solution for heating. If we need to keep our furnace for heat, then why would we have a different alternative. If we ever move and build a new home, he says he would have a geothermal system for the heating and air conditioning, but that isn’t a viable solution for our old home.  It would be too expensive to install geothermal heating and air conditioning, and at our age, we could never recoup the money that we were spending. We’ll keep the furnace and know that it will be there when the sub-zero temperatures arrive.

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