We ran the air conditioner for a long time

Every morning my boyfriend and I head to our favorite Starbucks shop down the block to get some iced Starbucks latte and get some job done. We both have remote jobs, so he and I are able to do our jobs on our PCs no matter where all of us are situated. We are constantly at this shop really working, but yesterday was an exception. There was a fire in the kitchen and it caused severe destruction to the heating and cooling component… It was so bad, that the air conditioner cooling completely stopped running. The cooling ducts that were in the air conditioner component were totally fried up to a crisp. We live in the south, so it is pressing to have some correct cooling wherever you are. We began heating up rather swiftly, so he and I decided to get out of there before we started to sweat through our clothes. We weren’t sure where to go however; we decided to head back to our beach house to finish out the job day. The bad thing is that the cooling method in our locale is just as bad as the currently broken down one at the Starbucks shop. Now my boyfriend and I without our iced coffee, and he and I are still pretty much as sweaty as we were at the Starbucks shop. I think that all of us are left with two options. We either find a different spot to call our office for the next few weeks, or all of us call the local HVAC repair supplier to come and repair our ancient and dying heating and cooling unit. No matter what, we need to decide sooner rather than later.

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