We’re happy about the furnace

When I worked for a newspaper, I got sent out to a lot of interesting places to cover stories.  I went out to the swamps to report on an ailing river lodge one day, then to a massive Christian music festival the next day, and then finally to a nursing home to talk about therapy dogs on another day.  After I was moved from the Sports section to general news, they sent me anywhere a spare story needed to be covered. But one night they were short on photographers and need photos of this weekly street festival they do in the townsquare of this upscale community that sits adjacent to ours.  Even though I’m not a photographer, they handed me a camera and threw me to the wolves with little to no instructions beyond “get some good shots for photo album,” and that’s before I realized I had never even taken photos at night before, which is decidedly harder than photos in daytime sunlight.  Although I struggled through the night, I managed to get a few decent shots with the camera they gave me. One of my favorites was of this father and son team who drive around in this tiki hut decorated snow cone van to events in the area and then own a similarly styled storefront nearby. The level of detail in the aquatic styled paintings and modeling was extremely charming and their snow cones lived up to the expectations.  I even got one for free simply for taking their photo for the newspaper! One of the coolest things about the van was that he had air conditioning too; he had a small window unit that you’d find in a small apartment or a cottage. He said it was a fantastic machine and that he got through some really miserable afternoons with that small unit. It just goes to show that home HVAC doesn’t stop at your front door, you can use it for a variety of different unorthodox purposes like to cool the van of the tiki hut snow cone mobile man.

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