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Me and my firm have been generally operating in the HVAC sphere for taking 20 years now and we’re pretty confident that we do the best on most projects. The beauty of life isn’t the matter of how long you are generally doing something because it can always surprise you. This was the case for the firm and I recently as a project was proposed to us that we had never done.  In fact we weren’t perhaps sure if it was something a lot of people had ever done. A local factory that gets incredibly hot inside was looking for some way to decrease the temperature of their total facility. This was a fairly smallish factory but all they did was plastic molding and this is a high temperature process. So someone in their company got wind of hydronic HVAC solutions and they wanted to know if the are able to use that system to remove heat instead of provide heat. So of course I was intrigued, in theory the hydronic method is able to remove heat just as effectively as it brings it in. The challenge was going to be that you can’t put concrete on the ceiling, which is the general method. Since heat rises the pipework could be most effective high up. We decided that just running the pipework on the ceiling would be effective more than enough. The water would be pumped through inside the usual way but instead of being heated in route out by a tankless water heater, the water would be cooled considering that it left through refrigerant lines. This would serve to just pull the heat straight from the factory. The installation was a well designed success and everything functioned the simplest way we thought it would.

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