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I recently moved into a new apartment within three months ago. The landlord did propose me that while the two of us were in the warm season I would want to have some sort of A/C as the apartment tends to be hot. I already owned several portable cooling system systems, so I wasn’t totally opposed to it. After moving in, within the first few months the temperature was pleasantly mild. As the warmer season started to actually heat up however, the temperature in the apartment skyrocketed to the point where I knew I couldn’t wait any longer before installing the portable cooling system units. I realized the areas where I needed the cooling system most had windows that were the kind I have to crank open instead of the normal sliding windows. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to use the cooling system units at all! After talking to my aunt she told me how to rig the cooling system units for those windows plus everything I would need to do it. I went to the local hardware store soon after, bought what I needed, plus started the project. The whole time I was working I was perspiring myself half to death. In the end it was worth it because I was able to install both cooling systems even though it was a lot of work! I don’t propose it. The only reason I didn’t complain more about it was that the landlord was so nice about the whole thing, and provided help if needed, but by that point I was already determined so I didn’t want to subject him to it. I was able to do whole thing myself. That first evening sleeping in a nice air conditioned room was so excellent. It made the complete strenuous job worth every bead of sweat.

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