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I reside along the northern border of the country, and the long winters are a challenge.  All of us properly experience about 8 months of frigid weather. The temperature occasionally drops all the way down to twenty-six degrees below zero and the wind chill makes it guess even colder.  Along with brutal uneven temperatures, every one of us get buried under feet of snow. These conditions cause a superb deal of work, time and expense. By necessity, I’ve spent a significant amount of money on my furnace.  Because of reliability and system longevity, I chose a hydronic heat heating. Water heats us quicker than air and retains heat much longer, making a boiler a more cost-effective option than a forced air gas furnace. The boiler can heat up the house much faster and doesn’t need to run as long to maintain comfort.  Plus, since there is no outside air brought in, the boiler doesn’t spread air contaminants or degrade indoor air quality. It operates silently, and infuses the heat into the air, providing a beautifully gentle comfort. The boiler itself is compact and mounted on an exterior wall in the basement. It is connected to baseboard gas gas furnaces installed around the perimeter of the rooms.  The baseboard gas gas furnaces are not unattractive, take up little space, and spread the heat evenly. They also have allowed myself and others to set up zoned conditioning, which includes independent thermostats in each room. Each thermostat is controlled separately, which accommodates personal preferences and avoids heating empty rooms. The boiler further supplements my water heater, which ensures an ample supply of boiling water and saves money on month water bills.  

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