The air conditioner is working

My mom had to change her job when our dad bought an apartment on the other side of the country. They both resigned from work and headed to the West coast. While our mom was an HR recruiter at a heating and A/C contracting company, she was switching jobs completely. Our dad had to take on a new task at a chocolate factory. He worked with a similar operation up north packaging organic and vegan foods. It was a complex factory system that required employees to be trained thoroughly. Specialists were brought in from time to time to perform certain advanced tasks. Now he’s doing the opposite. Instead of making something that’s fairly healthy and engaging in an intricate process, he works a factory that makes candy! Specifically, he works at a place that makes chocolate. He certainly enjoys the work. His co-workers are fantastic plus the place is conveniently close to home. The chocolate factory has to have a genuinely strict climate control in order for the product to be made correctly. Too hot and nothing will store right. Too cold and the chocolate won’t pour into the molds without gunking up all of the equipment. One day when I was visiting their new home, I woke up while my dad was making lunch in the kitchen. I asked what he was doing home so early. He was supposed to be working all day so I was going to head to the lake with my mom. He said that work needed him to come in overnight because their heating and air conditioners had gone completely offline during the evening. Their third shift crew was frantically getting all of the product off the floor and put into the emergency refrigerators. Anything that didn’t fit or sat too long would have to be thrown in the garbage. My mom’s crew got the day off while the heating, cooling and A/C contractors worked diligently to get everything online again.

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