The summer weather is great

When our wife and I purchased our first home, both of us were beyond excited. It was a fantastic single story 3 bedroom 2 bath lake apartment with a nice sized backyard. It needed a few cosmetic projects tackled, but that was nothing I couldn’t tackle on our own. When both of us got the lake apartment checked, there was nothing wrong with the HVAC system. Apparently, according to the previous owners, they had just replaced the AC device several years prior. However, when both of us moved all our furniture in after painting,  (I remember it was the first day after everything was all moved in!) the AC shut off completely. The thermostat wouldn’t even turn on. Imagine our dismay! So the first thing I did was call our lake apartment warranty dealer to see what they could do. They ended up being really helpful and sending out a serviceman to diagnose and repair it. But it would take 24 hours to get a serviceman out to our home. So both of us couldn’t stay in our new lake apartment where all of our belongings where. The two of us ended up having to sleep in our automobile for that night. Talk about trying times! The next day, the serviceman came out around twelve noon, hottest time of the day. It was roughly 89 degrees outside. Needless to say, both of us were in extreme need of finally working, chilly air conditioning. The repairman said that both of us need to switch out our whole system, but thankfully it would be covered under our lake apartment warranty. So it ultimately took a month and a half to get the new HVAC system installed and to have finally working AC in our new home. So both of us had to rent a hotel room for that time being, also reimbursed through the lake apartment warranty dealer. Then, finally both of us were able to transfer into our new home!

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