We want a better heater

Years and years, my work dates back quite a ways.  Let’s just say I was in university when parachute pants and feather hair styles were the only way to go.  As soon as I graduated from university, I was thrust into the supplier world. I would then begin working in the absolutely first office of numerous to come.  I like the idea of getting up, getting dressed up to head somewhere else to work. The separation part of the dynamic was great for me. I was able to be finished with work mindset by the time I came home to my kids.  This trait was a godsend. Now, the kids are gone but I find myself in transition. There no longer is an office to go to. Thank you corporate downsizing. I am creating an office in our beach home. And the first thing I’m addressing is the heating and AC.  My up-to-date office will be my daughter’s converted bedroom. It sits on the third floor floor in a absolutely exposed corner of the beach house. The room is steaming in the summertime but ever so chilly during the winter. My first call was to the heating and air conditioning company I’ve used for all these years.  My go to heating and cooling pro came out to give me a great central heater and AC solution. His opinion is to install a separate heating and cooling system for this room. I thought he was mental until he explained. Using a mini split ductless heating and AC system was the recommendation. This is not a window air conditioner unit.  No, the small mini split system will maintain any temperature I choose for my up-to-date home office. I ordered a single system right there on the spot. The heating and AC men should have it in my home office within the next two weeks. They even said the heating and AC upgrade won’t even take but half the day.

HVAC unit