A three bedroom cottage

My wife has enjoyed cooking, ever since she was a little girl. She spent time in the kitchen with her mom. They made cookies, cakes, and many other sweet confections. By the time my wife was twelve, she as entering fair and carnivals with her own cakes and pies. When my wife grew up, she attended the culinary academy. After graduating, she started a small catering business. I met my wife, when she was catering My Best Friend’s Wedding. ¬†We instantly fell in love and the rest is history. My wife is always coming up with new and tasty treats. Last weekend, she was trying out a new recipe. She needed to roast some almonds, pecans, and cashews. Unfortunately, my wife forgot about the nuts, when our two boys got into an argument. By the time she remembered the nuts were in the oven, they were burnt to a crisp. The entire kitchen was filled with a thick cloud of dark smoke. My wife turned on the ventilation system above our range, but it was no match for the horrific odor in the kitchen. We had to bring a fan from the bedroom to the kitchen. Between the fan and the ventilation unit, the smoke started to slowly disappear. It took almost two hours for the ventilation fan to finally remove all of the horrible odors. The next time my wife decides to roast some almonds, cashews, and pecans, the boys are going to have to go outside to play. There is a really fine line between perfectly roasted nuts and charcoal.

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