Fresh air and the storm

The vast majority of working people don’t have the luxury of planning spontaneous vacations, and unless you are retired, you probably have to apply for vacation time and plan ahead to take a trip, and some places make you earn  the days one at a time for a whole year just to take time off. This is how it works for my husband. He only gets a single week a year and he is required to work that whole year before he can go on vacation. The people I was with and I really are misers about that time off and consistently try to go somewhere special.  This year the people I was with and I chose to go the mountains. The people I was with and I planned everything down to our hiking and birdwatching. A week ahead of time everything looked like it was going to be just perfect. The people I was with and I went to the airport, out flights were great, and the people I was with and I took a rental to the cabin.  That night everything changed. A huge storm front rolled its way in late in the night and knocked out power, took down trees, and made the road to the state park closed by the forest rangers. The people I was with and I were stuck in a sweltering tepid cabin with only one window. There was no cross breeze, and of course no a/c. The cabin did have a generator to supply emergency lighting but nothing else.  Without any sort of air conditioner it was simply one horrible place to be. The electricity was still out for multiple nights of our vacation and it continued to rain off and on during our stay. What a horrible vacation that turned into because of no a/c. The people I was with and I did get a voucher from the cabin owner for a future stay but I suppose the people I was with and I are going to give the voucher to my boss or someone.  I really don’t want to go back as the nightmares from there are just not something I want to remember again.

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