Getting an air purifier for the home

Lately I have noticed that I am always feeling sick. Runny nose, sneezing, etc. It is almost like a bunch of allergies to dust. Though I have never had a complication with dust allergies in the past so I knew it wasn’t that. I had a neighbor come over in addition to she said that it felt a little bit stuffy in our home as well. I thought maybe she was just being dramatic and over the top, however after she said that a couple of other friends mentioned that our home felt a little stale. I called our property owner to ask him about getting an air purification system installed with our current Heating in addition to Air Conditioning system that is in the current house… However, the two of us I mentioned this she just laughed at him totally. I didn’t have a clue in the world why she would be laughing at me, however then I went on to say how expensive air purification systems were to have installed in addition to ran tests on all together. She also mentioned that taking care of the Heating in addition to Air Conditioning plan was our responsibility according to our lease, which was really messed up if you asked me. I suppose I didn’t read the nice print of our lease well enough because I had no clue in the world that this was our complication and issue now. I suppose I might just go up to the store in addition to purchase one of those portable  small media air cleaners in addition to hope that helps out a lot. I entirely just want to start feeling better as soon as humanly possible because it is bothering me!

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