Good air quality with sealed windows


             When my partner and I bought our dream house, we knew it would be a labor of love. We even negotiated for a bit of a lower price, because we could identify at least one major problem right from the get go–the windows. We toured the house in the very early spring, and felt a chill as soon as we walked in. Through the gas boiler was running, the place still felt far cooler than it should, especially since the thermostat was set to 62 for our house tour with our real estate agent.

               This is because the house was very drafty from the windows. This house is a Colonial type from the revival period of the 1920s. While its not as old as others we’ve seen, this place still had the original wooden windows with rope and weights to lower and raise. We thought they were gorgeous though; the screens are metal and really durable. Plus, it even had the storm windows, still in great shape. Instead of talking to a company who works only in modern home updates, we spoke to a local guy who does vintage home restoration. He advised that instead of just getting new windows put in for a small fortune (since Colonial homes have a LOT of windows) that we could instead have the windows resealed. This process allows the windows to be more air tight and take some work off our gas boiler, while maintaining the original charm.

             The process was so affordable, that we figured even if it wasn’t perfect, it would do for now. That day was five years ago; our windows are not only gorgeous, but they’re air tight too!