Hate the climate control on trains


                   I really like being able to travel on a budget. I’m not a woman from money nor do I make loads of  it myself. Where I live, the cost of living is getting higher & higher every year, making it undoubtedly hard to travel. Whenever, I can, I try to do so inexpensively. The less cash I spend on each trip means the more trips I can take every year! It’s not easy and frequently requires quite a bit of sacrifice. In the end I suppose it’s worth it, and one of the ways I do so is travelling by train when I can.

                Sure, the trip is longer, but they also have outlets to charge my PC. I treat my travelling time as an extra work day, so I can still get things done even while I’m getting from point A to point B. The only issue is that the train is not always comfortable. It always starts off nice & cool, because I usually start my travel in the afternoon. The Heating, Ventilation, & A/C is always set to the best temperature first thing in the afternoon! However, the more people get onto the train, the worse it gets. Once we leave NY, the control device just does not keep up with the number of people on the train, and there is never a temperature control visible.

                  If you ask a conductor about it while they come through to check tickets after a layover, they’ll just shrug & tell you the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C is beyond their purview.  All you can do is dress in layers & adjust accordingly when the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C fails to keep you comfortable.

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