I am getting more done

I usually work from my home doing various unusual tasks. I almost always love my work, since it allows me to do what I enjoy doing and pay the bills at the same time. One of those tasks is crafting custom engraved jewelry. I have to do my work somewhere with a decent amount of light. That said, windows can be problematic, as pollen and bugs can get into the metal sealants and polymers, too! That’s why I often work in the finished basement, where the temperature stays pretty constant and cool. But then I began to notice that even during the winter I would get rather warm under the lights. I thought it was due to the amount of hammering I do. Yet even when I would go to polish I would need to take off my jacket. The basement is perfectly heated by our oil furnace. Still, I always set the thermostat around 61 and simply wear layers. It was my new roommate who came down to collect me for dinner and see the latest project who noticed that the light bulbs were generating a lot of heat. Suddenly we realized that was why other parts of the house were so warm–the outdated light bulbs! I swapped out the incandescent bulbs for distinctly energy efficient options, and then the rooms were noticeably cooler in the summer season. You see, energy efficient bulbs lower the utility bill by using ng less wattage, but they also let your cooling system labor a bit less strenuously. Incandescent bulbs give off so much heat they can even trigger a thermostat if they’re close enough to it. I honestly never thought light bulbs could put out so much heat, but they are an energy saving tip that significantly lowers your bills.

it’s done