I stayed close to home

When my kid was born, he was premature by more than one month, he was in the Nicu for over a week, before being able to bring our baby home.  Tyler is five now and our bundle of happiness. Tyler is smart, sensitive, plus funny However, over the last few weeks, Tyler has been developing some serious pollen irritations and now that the weather is warmer, all of the trees, flowers, and shrubbery are in full bloom. Tyler was always sneezing, coughing, along with red itchy eyes, irritated, plus swollen, and my poor baby had trouble sleeping through the night. The doctor ordered a few things to help with Tyler’s pollen irritations. The first thing my spouse did was buy special air filters for the Central Heating and Air Conditioning unit. The updated air filters are made particularly for dust sensitivity sufferers. They have an extremely narrow network of fibers to remove more allergens, bacteria, including air pollutants.  Also, we purchased a small portable air purifier to keep in Tyler’s bedroom. The portable air purifier runs all day and all evening, plus we need to keep his bedroom door closed at all times. When Tyler is having a terrible allergy attack, the bedroom is our safe place. The air purifier was an excellent addition to the bedroom because it’s quiet, efficient, and uses little to no electricity. And, until Tyler grows out of these pollen allergens every one of us is going to monitor our air quality closely. If his health worsens, we may have to figure out if an air purifier for the whole house is needed. They can be high-priced to install, however, a whole new home air purifier would alleviate even more allergens from the house.

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