I was a little curious

I have been on some okay trips, although I would truly love to do something spectacular. I would love to go to some island resort where I could kick back plus relax on a beach with some type of island drink in hand. I’m talking about a single of those drinks in a coconut with the umbrella on top. I would die to be able to trip like that! I realize in a tropical weather conditions, the weather would be blazing hot, so I would want to have our hotel room nearby. This way I could saunter over to our hotel where the cooling system was cranked up, plus after that I would relax in the freezing air plus recharge! Then I would go back to the beach after I was feeling good again plus do everything all over again. I would get our next island drink plus soak up the sun for a little while longer. I would even jump into the crystal clear water with the fish swimming about plus go for a nice swim. I swear, that is our dream trip! I have been saving plus saving, so that a single day I can really afford a nice trip like that! Right now the best thing I have in our beach home is our Heating, Ventilation & A/C system. I can crank up the A/C plus pretend that I am at some island resort in our hotel room, waiting on going back out plus soaking up the sun. Hey, it’s our dream trip plus I can dream about it all I want! I can’t wait for that day!

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