I was going to get something small

Tax season is upon us, and I for a single couldn’t be more gleeful for it. Every year I look forward to this, because my job takes out so much in taxes, and I need to spend my money so little, I consistently get a pretty major tax return, however last year it was bigger than 3 of my paychecks combined, so I consistently make plans for the money before I even file my return. Occasionally I will splurge for a trip or something fun, however usually all the money goes right back into my house. Every year I try to make my apartment a little nicer than the year before, and this year I am targeting the Heating and Air Conditioning plan for a major renovation. When  I first moved into this place I was told flat out that the gas furnace was relatively new, however that the cooling system system was almost 10 years old. Even though it is a high quality machine, cooling system systems are not built to last forever, so this a single has legitimately lived past its natural lifespan. I feel, deep down in my bones, that this is the year the A/C breaks down for good, so I need this tax check and I need it fast. It’s fine for now, of course, however the Summer is coming on fast and separate from a new cooling system plan in place by then, it will be a long and season for myself and others and my family. With the size of my tax return this year I should absolutely be able to afford a wonderful A/C unit and still have money left over.

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