I was happy with that

I recently had put in a call to my local heating plus cooling company to have my Heating plus A/C system repaired. One evening it made this poor sound plus then there was this large popping sound! Following that, my heating was no longer now working. I thought it may have been a fuse blown in the control unit or something, but I went to check the fuses plus it was not. The heating plus cooling company on the phone was pretty nice plus straight-forward going. I had never called a heating plus cooling company for Heating plus A/C service before in my entire life, so this was something modern to me. The Heating plus A/C service appointment was set for the next day. When the heating plus cooling specialist arrived, he had a look at my entire Heating plus A/C system inside plus out. From the control unit on the wall, to the actual heating plus cooling unit outside that ran the thing. He figured out what the complication was plus said he could have it fixed within the fifth. I waited, plus within the fifth, lo plus behold, he really had it backup plus running! So, I thanked him, told him to send myself and others the bill plus he left. A month later I got a bill for over 1 thousand dollars! One thousand dollars plus for a simple heating plus cooling system repair? That is a major load of donkey crap! I then called the heating plus cooling company plus they had no answers other than, that was what the bill was. I am calling a lawyer on Saturday!

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