I was very hopeful

During college my best friend and I found an old house that had been converted into an apartment. The house was on a quiet street and very close to the university, so we quickly agreed to live in the attic apartment. At the time of signing the lease, we did not realize that the air conditioning and heating system had not been extended to go up into the attic. We moved in during late fall and lived there through a mild winter, so the lack of heating and air conditioning did not bother us. However, that soon changed once summer rolled around. Being in the top floor of the house, all of the heat rose into our small attic apartment. Within only a few days of high temperatures, we were miserable and spent a lot of time in the neighbors downstairs, cooling off in their air conditioning. We bought fans, hoping that would help, but it did not. One morning, I woke up to sweating and found my roommate laying on the couch. She was very sick and upon arriving at the hospital, we were told she had suffered a minor heat stroke. We knew we could not survive without air conditioning, so, with our neighbors in the floors below we drafted a complaint to our landlord. The landlord did not want to have the HVAC system put into the apartment, so we all explained that it was dangerous and we would be leaving if he did not make the necessary changes. After being forced to get a lawyer involved, the landlord was forced to get heating and air conditioning installed in our apartment.

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