I’d be happy to change their mind

Recently, my buddy was telling me all about his new HVAC system upgrade. He actually upgraded to a system that had rapid heating and cooling. I had never heard about this type of heating and cooling system before but it was pretty cool to hear about. He was saying that the entire ductwork system was upgraded to a narrow type of ductwork. He told me that it was easy to maintain and it was extremely efficient. He let me know that with rapid heating and cooling, he was able to leave the house with the HVAC turned off or set at minimal settings, and when he got back home, he could crank it up to his desired settings and the house would be heated or cooled within minutes. While most HVAC systems take a little while to heat or cool the entire household, this system would take care of the task in no time! He decided to host a BBQ and a bunch of friends came over. He wanted to show off his rapid heating and cooling feature. He purposely had the HVAC shut off so it became incredibly overheated in the household. He told me to go inside to see how overheated it was. He was right, it was blazing hot inside the house! A few others came in with me and we all agreed. We were uncomfortable so we wanted to get out. He said to wait and he used his smartphone to adjust the smart thermostat. The system engaged and the place cooled down so suddenly! It was truly remarkable!

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