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Last summer, I was on a road trip and I had to stop at the gas station mid way there to get gas. It was at a town that I never heard of and was in the middle of nowhere. When I rolled into this place, the heat was really bad in this part of the united states of america where I drove through. Then, when I got out of the car in the blazing sun and went into the little store in the gas station to pay for my gas, it was hotter than a brick oven inside a furnace! I could not believe this gas station did not have any form of air conditioning running on such a hot day. The attendant at the counter looked like he was soaked in sweat. I could not believe he was able to survive in this heat without any air conditioning. With it being this hot, air conditioning is a must, especially air conditioning is a must on this part of the region where I was! I happened to ask the guy what was wrong with the air conditioning, and if they even had air conditioning. The guy at the counter said to me that their heating and cooling unit had just broke down within the hour, and that an emergency heating and cooling specialist from the local heating and cooling repair company was on the way as we speak. I wished him the best of luck in getting that air conditioning back up and running as soon as humanly possible, paid for my gas, got in the car, and hightailed it outta this little town. I was happy to be on my way!

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