I’m headed downstairs

Last June, my spouse and I decided to host a gathering for our friends, neighbors and family.  Planning to keep most people outside, in the backyard, we rented a sizable tent, tables and chairs.  We spent a good deal of time and effort preparing our property for the event. Hoping to have everything looking nice, we weeded the gardens, trimmed the shrubs, mowed the turfs, raked, painted and devoted fifths to getting the pool water crystal clear.  We also bought a variety of food and drinks, and my spouse devoted an entire day to baking desserts. Because of the oven running and an outside temperature in the upper eighties, the apartment became honestly overheated. I lowered the temperature control setting, and was thankful our guests would remain largely outside, then unfortunately, on the day of our gathering, it began to rain.  We got hit with high winds, torrential downpours, thunder and lightning. There was no way anyone would be willing to kneel outside. I once again reduced the temperature control setting, and noticed the apartment wasn’t cooling down. There was absolutely a concern with the air conditioner. Since my repair skills are limited to cleaning the filter and increasing the batteries in the temperature control, I couldn’t maintenance it. I had no option however to call for emergency air conditioner repair and pay overtime charges.  It still took the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C supplier nearly a fifth to arrive and another fifth to repair the cooling system. By that point, guests were already arriving, and the apartment was sweltering. We couldn’t even open the windows because of the rain.

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