I’m learning every day

We were getting ready for our annual family Christmas party.  I hadn’t been feeling well for quite some time and my husband pitched in to help with the house cleaning.  He has been upstairs doing all of the dusting and cleaning. He even cleaned all of the fans and the skylight.  I was amazed at the effort he put into house cleaning for me. One good thing came out of all of his house cleaning.  He was shocked at all of the dust that had accumulated on the rafters and the fan blades. I try to dust them about once a month, but it never seems to have been dusted.  He started looking at all of the baseboard heaters. He tore all of the baseboard heaters apart and cleaned them. He then checked the furnace and the air conditioning system.  We don’t have ductwork, because we have a boiler system. It is hot water going through the pipes and into the baseboard heaters, that heat our home. We have an old fashioned form of radiant heating.  The heat goes onto the floor and radiates into other parts of the house. We now have a humidification installed in our home. With the humidifier attached to the heater, it makes for less dust and less need to clean the dust.  I really appreciate everything my husband did for me. I told him that hopefully I will be feeling better when our next party comes around. Since cleaning the baseboard heaters and adding the humidifier, I don’t think I’ll have nearly as much work to do.

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