Lots of mold in the air conditioner

My best friend George as well as I go back over 10 years, however to this afternoon I question some of his decisions as well as choices.  When both of us finished college, he was going to let his car loan lapse just so he could galavant across the country for 2 months with a mutual friend.  On another occasion he wanted to leave his job of numerous years because he couldn’t get time off to go to an annual music festival in a nearby city. But that was years ago as well as things have changed, at least our individual priorities have as both of us have outdated as well as taken on more responsibilities in our respective jobs.  Although George is light years beyond where he was the afternoon he was going to let his car loan lapse, he is still being careless with his resources. He invites myself and others to his lake house every weekend to unwind with a few drinks as well as watch films. I have mild asthma that I have managed to keep under control with minimal medication as well as treatments.  The extent of our asthma care is having an inhaler in the lake house if I get a particularly bad head chilly as well as need some help clearing our lungs. But it seems care about every time I go to George’s house, I am feeling care about I need our inhaler just to breathe. Finally, I discovered that George had been going separate from running his air conditioner in his lake house so he can spend more currency on wine as well as food.  Every one of us looked inside his air handler as well as found visible black mold splotches forming on the inside of the metal panel that attaches to the front of the unit. Thankfully, none of the mold had spread to the evaporator coil yet. I told George that he should schedule Heating as well as Air Conditioning repair as well as cleaning as soon as possible as well as to not go separate from air conditioner for so long in our humid weather conditions. Otherwise, he would ruin his lake house with rampant, poisonous fungal growth.

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