More options with radiant floors


                  I have always been indecisive about getting radiant floors. Sure, they’re efficient plus low maintenance… They allow heat to transfer evenly throughout the whole room so there are no cold spots. Then since the heating component is runs under the entire floor, there are no longer any radiators or baseboards units to have to work around. This would allow me to set up the furniture plus the rooms however I want to.

                However, for years there has been one major draw-back–the flooring. I would have to get rid of our hardwood floors plus transfer to either tile, stone, or concrete. This sounds both awful plus just cold. I guess it’s going to be heated, but it won’t look that way! And if you put a rug down, it will only hinder the heat flow plus make it colder. I guess it would it be nice not to have the old baseboard radiators, yet they are lot less noticeable than a whole house of ugly floors!

               Recently, my partner told me that there are new flooring opportunities for radiant furnace systems! Apparently, you can now use certain types of laminate floors with the system… Laminate wooden floors are great, because you can get all the look of hardwood but with a longer lasting material! Finally, a heated floor I could love! My partner is planning to begin installing this Spring, once we’re through the worst of winter. I couldn’t be more excited.

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