No power so no heating allowed

I wonder sometimes about how people survived before everyone had electricity.  I don’t really know what I would do if I had to go without power all of the time. There are those occasional times, of course, when the power goes out, and we survive those hours. I can’t figure out if I could go without power all of the time, though. I used to go camping with my family.  When I got old enough to make my own decisions not to go, I felt as if I’d been granted the most amazing power. I was no longer subjected to having to sit in front of an open fire to get warm. I enjoyed being snuggled in a warm bed and hearing the oil furnace turn on. There are no warm beds to snuggle into when you are camping. There is no sound of the gas furnace turning on.  You have a damp, cold sleeping bag plus the hard uncomfortable ground to sit on. The sounds of the woodland animals are outside, plus the smell of the burning fire. That is just not fun to me. Give me a nice soft bed, the sound of the gas furnace, and no animals or bugs, and I am ecstatic. Even when I had children, I was always trying to avoid going camping. My sons enjoyed camping and I was happy to let them go camping with their dad but I just wanted to stay home. Maybe that is why I can’t imagine going without any electricity. I just like having soft beds and a cozy gas furnace to keep myself warm without any smoke!