Our favorite place in town

I’ve always been drawn to colder regions. The freezing blast of Wintertide wind on our face has always livened me up in the day, where it has simply frozen the faces of others. I believe I am part polar bear. As you may have guessed, I legitimately love skiing plus other Wintertide sports. Even some of our craziest friends chickened out when I requested   that they come ice hole fishing with me a single winter. I believe I am just thick-blooded; Despite our affinity for the cold, mountainous wilderness that I grew up in, there is only so much freezing that a human body can take. My home still has an excellent furnace, not to mention a immense ancient fireplace in the foyer! In fact, that is part of the charm of a freezing Wintertide evening. Sitting by a roaring fire plus reading a unbelievable book while the snow falls outside plus the furnace keeps your entire home nice plus toasty. Again, as much as I love the cold, I wouldn’t dream of doing anything less than keeping our furnace well-diagnosed throughout the year. Because of the drastically low temperatures in the winter, where I live, it’s not necessarily a matter of preference, it’s often a matter of survival to have a unbelievable furnace! I recently replaced mine because it was in its Wintertide years, no pun intended. I have to admit that the modern a single I have got up plus running is legitimately powerful. Now I can take on the coldest winters, while remaining remarkably sizzling in this cozy home of mine.

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